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Table Talk Interviews

Table Talk is based on Chief Coleman’s book The Chief’s Clipboard – 20 Years of Ronny J. Coleman (2006). Hosted by Michael S. Williams, these interviews are set in active fire stations throughout California and cover various topics relating to the fire service including operations, prevention, training, leadership and management.

Introduction to Table Talk with Ronny J. Coleman

America Burning
Being an Officer is More Than a Title – Boss or Buddy?
Cy Holmes Interview – CDF History, May 2015
Don’t Let the Future Just Happen, Plan for it
Getting Started and Moving Up with Fire Chief Michael Dyer*
Going for the Gold
One Push Rule
One Size Does Not Fit All with Chief Robert Marcucci
Pass it Around with Battalion with Chief Chris Childers
Preservation of the Perishable with Chief Tom Forster
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Recruiting & Rentention
Renew Your Expiration Date
Roberta MacIntyre Interview – Volunteer Fire Service, June 2015
Ronny’s 10 Points of Light
So, You Want to be a Fire Chief
Sprinklers Save Lives
Steve Hart Interview – California State Fire Marshal History, May 2015
Strive to be a Purple Cow
Taking Command
Thanks for the Memory with Chief Bill Lellis
The Badge
The Doctrine of SCBA
The Fire Marshal
The Volunteer Fire Service
Tyranny of the Immediate
What Kind of Leader Do You See in the Mirror?
When in Doubt – Don’t
Where Have All the Leaders Gone?
Who Moved the Finish Line?

Note: Programs without links are in post production. They will be posted as they are completed.

Community Alert Radio Interviews


KZSB – AM 1290

May 19, 2020
Mike and Ted discuss the history of the American fire service with Ronny Coleman.

November 28, 2016
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman talks about budges, finances, consolidation and regionalization and privatization of the California fire service.

February 16, 2016
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman talks about new building construction design and materials in relationship to fire prevention and fire fighting tactics.

February 17, 2015
From his Elk Grove office, former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman addresses the question: “Our we getting our money’s worth in fire protection?”

January 6, 2015
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman talks about the National Fallen Fire Fighters Tampa 2 Report. NFFF website.

October 14, 2014
Former California State Fire Marshal and The National Fire Heritage Center President Ronny J. Coleman talks about the history of the American fire service. Website

July 1, 2014
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman talks about the history and duties of the fire marshal as well as introducing his new website “Table Talk.” Website

September 25, 2012
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman talks about the National Fire Heritage Center from the annual California State Firefighters’ Association annual conference in Anaheim. Website

January 31, 2012
Former California State Fire Marshal’s Kate Dargan and Ronny J. Coleman talk about the Urban Interface and their joint article Wildfire: Past, Present and Future.

January 11, 2011
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny Coleman joins Community Alert to talk about the California volunteer fire service and the California State Firefighters’ Association Volunteer Committee. Website

December 8, 2009
Former California State Fire Marshal Ronny Coleman, spokesman for the International Residential Code Fire Sprinkler Coalition. Website

May 19, 2009
Chief Ronny Coleman, former California State Fire Marshal.

October 28, 2008
Chief Ronny Coleman, former California State Fire Marshal


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Community Alert, Not if – But when
Ted Adams & Michael S. Williams
Wildland Residents Association
San Marcos Pass Volunteer Fire Department   

Fire & Emergency Training Network
With Ronny J. Coleman
FETN Primedia Workplace Learning 

  • Learning to Learn
  • Climbing the Ladder of Success
  • Leadership on the Edge
  • Survivor
  • Playing in the Big Leagues
  • Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan
  • Roots (of The Fire Service Training)
  • What’s in Your Toolbox?
  • Scoop and Run
  • Blast from the Past
  • Too Busy Fighting Fires
  • Making the Quantum Leap

Making a Difference 
With Ronny J. Coleman

Home Fire Sprinklers
A Solution to America’s Fire Problem
Program Host Ronny J. Coleman
IRC Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Awareness Level Firefighter Training
for Modern Wood Products
Host Ronny J. Coleman
American Wood Council
Illinois Fire Service Institute

Lifeline in the Sky
Firefighter Air Replenishment System
Host Ronny J. Coleman
Rescue Air Systems, Inc.

National Fire Heritge Center
Host Ronny J. Coleman

Residential Sprinkler Systems – Protecting Life and Property

Residential-Sprinkler-Systems-208x300Many fire losses occur in the one place where we should feel the safest – our home! Half the residential fire deaths involve the elderly, very young children, people with limited mobility, or persons who are intoxicated. About 80 percent of residential fire deaths occur in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

This book will help your community make intelligent decisions about its future. It explains how to win support for residential sprinklers, and how to make sure every residence is safe from fire.

Ronny J. Coleman, Residential Sprinkler Systems, Protecting Life and Property, (1991), National Fire Protection Association, ISBN: 0-87765-346-1