Opportunities in Fire Protection Services

Opportunities-in-Fire-Protection-Services-216x300Here is everything you need to explore a career in this unique field. Written by a leading authority, this comprehensive guide gives all the information you need for intelligent career decision making. Among its many features are:

  • Overview of the filed
  • Employment outlook
  • Career advancement
  • Educational requirements
  • Salary opportunities
  • Where to get more information

Ronny J. Coleman, Opportunities in Fire Protection Services, (1992), VGM Career Horizons, ISBN: 0-8442-8623-0

Management of Fire Service Operations

Management-of-Fire-Service-Operations-214x300This textbook has been written for those who have, or aspire to have, one of the hardest and loneliest jobs in the world: The fire officer in charge of an emergency.

It doesn’t matter if he is called the foreman, lieutenant, captain, or the chief; regardless of the title,, the ranking fire officer at the scene of an emergency has a tremendous burden of responsibility. It is a burden that cannot be easily shared with anyone else. No emergency condition or complication is so severe, no situation so traumatic, that it relives the fire officer of the task of issuing the right orders to control the emergency. It is simplyexpected of him. His decisions often mean the difference between life and crippling injury or death. Sometimes the life an officer holds in his hands is that of a total stranger. Other times the lives are those of his own men. his decisions can also be measured in dollars and cents, in terms of property that is either saved or damaged or destroyed.

Ronny J. Coleman, Management of Fire Service Operations, (1978), Breton Publishers, ISBN: 0-87872-129-0

Hazardous Materials Dictionary, Second Edition

Hazardous-Materials-Dictionary-194x300This book is dedicated to the memory of Fire Chief Warren E. Isman, Fairfax County Fire Department. he was a person that recognized the need for training hazardous materials response team personnel long before it was fashionable, someone who pressed onward at every opportunity to assure that the issue was not obscured by political rhetoric, and who was lost to the fire service before he was through with the task.

Ronny J. Coleman, Hazardous Materials Dictionary, 2 ed., 1994, Technomic Publishing Company, ISBN: 1-56676-160-3

Going For Gold:Pursuing and Assuming the Job of Fire Chief

Going-for-Gold-201x300Ronny J. Coleman, Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, offers a unique, “must-have” resource to help you stand out among the thousands of individuals who hope to achieve the fire chief’s badge. Focusing first on the candidate, then on the administration of a fire department. “Going for the Gold” will help you understand how to prepare for the job, how to make the transition, and what makes for a successful track record as a fire chief.

Emphasizing the competition and the challenge that a fire chief faces on a day-to-day basis, this book covers the specifics of how a person actually applies leadership and decision-making concepts for the job. “Going for the Gold” provides a realistic appraisal of what it takes to aspire for, achieve, and succeed as a fire chief.

Ronny J. Coleman, Going for the Gold: Pursuing and Assuming the Job of Fire Chief, 1999, Delmar Publishers, ISBN: 0-7668-0868-8