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The Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) provides training to today’s volunteer public safety community including non-profit, industrial and tribal fire agencies.

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Our Staff

Michael S. Williams, President & Executive Director

Williams spent over a dozen years in California law enforcement and was a POST certified field training officer. In 2006 he founded the Fire Services Training Institute to find solutions to the challenges confronting the volunteer fire service. He has been an active member of California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) since 1994, having served on the volunteer and public relations committees, and as a southern division deputy director. Since 2008, Williams has served on the California State Board of Fire Services representing CSFA and California volunteer fire fighters.

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Yoli McGlinchey, Corporate Secretary

Yoli McGlinchey is the Corporate Secretary of FSTI. Yolanda (Yoli) McGlinchey has been the Emergency Services Manager for the City of Santa Barbara since 2006, but has been working in the area of emergency services since 1991. Yoli is the recipient of several collaboration awards and is a graduate of FEMA’s 2019 National Emergency Management Advanced Academy. Yoli is also a State CERT Train-the-Trainer and Program Manager, as well as an outreach instructor for the California Specialized Training Institute and serves on several non-profits Boards in Santa Barbara County.

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Toya D Ayala, Treasurer

For over 30 years Toya Blackshear Ayala has grown from an Entertainment Accounting Professional to an Accounting Human Resources Small to Medium Entrepreneurial Business Professional) who assists her clientele in their growth and development in the ever-evolving marketplace. May that be in the Bricks in Mortar Retail environment or online Healthcare, Real Estate Development, Music, Marketing and Non-profit businesses, Toya has shaped, developed, consulted and controlled their Finances, Accounting, Human Resources and other operational needs as they’ve grown from infancy to mid-level brands. Where there is a need, Toya makes it possible.

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Liliana Encinas, National LISTOS Administrator

Liliana is currently the FSTI, Fire Service Training Institute, LISTOS National Program Director and the Bilingual Public Outreach Coordinator for Santa Barbara City Fire Department. She works for and with the Latino community, by providing outreach, social work, program development and promoting overall wellness. She has more than a decade implementing better outreach and engagement practices in emergency public education and information for the State of California’s vulnerable populations. She has served as the Director of Family Services at La Casa de La Raza, Cesar E. Chavez Center, and as a Public Education Coordinator for the County of Santa Barbara Office of Emergency Management since she emigrated from Mexico to the US. In her spare time, she volunteers at different capacities for several non-profits and schools providing advice to better serve their Latino constituency. She is a State certified Spanish/English interpreter and translator, and a certified State CERT Master Trainer and the immediate past Chair of the Public Education Committee for the Aware & Prepare Initiative, a public-private partnership dedicated to strengthening community disaster resilience within Santa Barbara County.

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Monty W. Gearheart, Technology Manager

Monty is an 8-year U.S. Air Force veteran and CCAF graduate with expertise in multiple, secure hardware and software platforms to include secure communications systems and earth terminal deployment/operations. He owns the technology company, WCES, Inc., started in 1996, which caters directly and exclusively to first responder industries. An ISP, “coder” and overall “uber-geek,” Monty is also an expert in on-line training delivery technology to include fire and rescue equipment simulations.

Monty is the Information Systems/Technology Director and Business Development Director for the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA). He is a co-founder of FSTI and his current tasks include assisting FSTI with on-line programs, training, website development and overall information project management.

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Who We Are

FSTI has provided training to the volunteer public safety community since 2006. It has been our mission to provide high quality training to firefighters while at the same time promoting community safety.

Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI) is a non-profit public benefit corporation with both state and federal tax exempt status.