Dave “HUBIE” Hubert devoted over 31 years to the firefighting profession, serving in many different positions from firefighter, to Fire Defense Coordinator prior to his retirement in 1997 as Fire Captain from Orange County Fire Authority in Southern California.

Throughout his career, Dave’s cartoons – named “HUBIE’s” – have appeared in fire service magazines, decorating fire station walls, T-shirts as well as illustrations on everything from personalized birthday and retirement tributes to attention-getting humorous cartoons in fire training books including technical art for formal instruction manuals.

Although much of Dave’s early artwork spans a broad variety of topics as showcased in the collector’s edition “HUBIE  and the Fire Service, the majority of his cartooning revolves around the profession he loves and respects so much – the fire service.

Now in retirement, and refocusing his remarkable artistic vision and ability in yet another direction, Dave completed the restoration of a 1902 horse-drawn steam fire engine in 1996. Since its completion, his “Steamer Team” of retired firefighters donate their time by participating in statewide community and charity events, representing the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) in the interest of public safety and fire prevention education.

A few years ago. Dave and his wife Barbara decided to tell the story of finding and fully restoring their vintage steam fire engine by producing  a 55 minute documentary DVD “The Steamer – An American Icon.”

More recently and inspired by being with the steamer’s fire horse teams for the past 16 years, Dave came to the conclusion that the great fire horses of yesteryear have never been given enough credit for their unceasing bravery in the face of the ravages of fire, so he wrote and illustrated a new book “Christmas Major.

This is a colorful, heart-warming Christmas story about a poor orphan who beats all odds through dedication and hard work, and a beautiful, young, spirited draft horse that becomes a great fire horse…serving his community as a lead fire horse, and saving Christmas day for the local orphanage in the early 1900’s.

The book is dedicated to weaving many historical facts into a delightful story that teaches that hard work, responsibility, devotion, courage, and helping others in need can lead to triumph over hardship. You can learn more about the book from this December 24, 2013 Community Alert interview with Dave and Barbara Hubert as the talk about their new book “Christmas Major, The Horse that Saved Christmas.”

To learn more about Dave’s books, the documentary “The Steamer – An American Iconand visit HubiePictures.com.

Dave’s cartoons shown in the Gallery are available by clicking on the work you would like to use. You can contact Dave directly to request personalized artwork that will meet your specific needs.