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HUBIE © 2014 Dave Hubert
Illistrations © 2014 Dave Hubert
Christmas Major, The Horse that Saved Christmas © 2013 Dave Hubert
The Drawing Board with Dave Hubert is owned by the Fire Services Training Institute
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  At the beginning of the twentieth century a new form of firefighting was introduced with the advent of the horse-drawn steam fire engine.

This revolutionary technology gave firefighters the ability to pump thousands of gallons of water on a fire with a minimal crew, this changed everything.

As the Industrial Revolution continued and the advances of the internal combustion engine became commonplace, the need for horse drawn vehicles became obsolete and the romantic era of the fire steamer faded away. Dave’s story is about the discovery, resurrection and restoration of a 1902 American Steam Fire Engine.

The journey that followed is inspirational and amazing. From some of the most unlikely sources, piece by piece, this American Icon was brought back to life. More